Exploring the Green Funeral Trend

In the funeral industry, there have many old traditions that have lasted throughout the centuries. However, many traditions tend to change over time, and funerals are no exception. When planning a funeral today, we are faced with many alternatives. In this blog post, we are going to discuss one of the growing funeral trends, green burials.

What is a green burial?

A “green” or a “natural burial” is the act of returning the body to the earth, as naturally as possible. Bodies are either wrapped in a biodegradable shroud or placed in a green casket. That means that all involved in the burial are completely biodegradable, and are free of materials that are the byproduct of energy use. It is a great way to lessen your impact and carbon footprint.

The rise of green burials

Green burials have gained in popularity not only because it represents the values of the deceased and their vested interest in the environment.

  1. Harmful conventional burials

The rise in popularity can be largely attributed to the fact that roughly 1.5 million tons of concrete and 100,000 tons of steel are reportedly buried in cemeteries in the United States every year. Caskets or shrouds that are approved for green burials are made from naturally sustainable resources.

  1. Peace of mind

Green burials are preferred by those who have a vested interest in the conservation of natural resources, the preservation of the environment, and the health of the employees in the funeral industry using carcinogenic chemicals, like formaldehyde. Green burials also prohibit the use of any embalming fluids. You are also not placed in a lawn full of tombstones, rather a quiet, peaceful meadow.

  1. Creates new life

Opposed to a traditional burial, as the body is returned to the soil, there is the opportunity that new life will be created. For those who plan for a green funeral, there is a sense of peace in knowing that in death, their body will become a part of nature.


Where can green burials be performed?

In Canada, there are a few natural burial grounds available to the public. The Natural Burial Association has a directory of the approved sites. This directory can be found by clicking here. If you are interested in creating your own green burial site you may find there to be many challenges along the way. There are many requirements that need to be met by the provincial government that need to be met. It’s best practice when planning a green burial of your own to contact a government official to find out these requirements ahead of time.

Start planning today

If you are fascinated by the prospect of the green funeral or are looking to plan a funeral for you or a loved one, there’s no better time to start planning than right now. Contact one of our consultants today to start building a final needs plan that works for you and your family.

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